Dog Control & Wildlife

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The Town of Ophir has recently fielded multiple concerns and issues with off leash dogs entering private property and harassing wildlife. The Town of Ophir wants to remind you that there are Ordinances in place in regard to Dog Control. 

Landlords, the Town of Ophir is requesting that you forward this email to your renters so they are "in the know" of how to be a proper dog owner in Ophir. Thank you. 

Just a couple of reminders

  • A dog at large is considered any dog running at large ( off the owner's property) within the Town of Ophir and not under a command leash. Dogs must always be under a command leash whether it is a physical or verbal leash. Dogs are not permitted to "roam" throughout the Ophir Valley without their owner present. Allowing your dog to run free throughout the Town of Ophir is detrimental to wildlife, private property, and other dogs (and cats)! 
    • Per Ordinance 2000-1, Section 5. Violations: Dog at Large. No owner of a dog shall permit such dog to run at large in the Town of Ophir. 
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and their private property. Owners must have their dog on either a physical or verbal leash at all times and does not permit their dogs to enter other resident's private property. Allowing your dog to go onto a private property of another resident is a violation considered canine trespass with a $25.00 to the dog's owner. Please be respectful and mindful of your neighbor. 
    • Per Ordinance 1999-5 Section 5. Violations: Canine Trespass. No owner of a dog shall permit such dog to enter private property, other than property owned or rented by such owner without the permission of the person who owns or controls the property.
  • Pick up the poop! Please pick up your dogs poop. 
    • Per Ordinance 1999-5, Section 6. Penalties. Defecating (Failure to Remove) is a fine of $50.00 to the owner. 

At the October General Assembly, there were concerns that residents have been feeding wildlife, mainly coyotes. 

Please, do not feed wildlife. 

Please don’t leave food, garbage, animal parts, or anything a coyote might want to eat outside.