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Town of Ophir Recreation

Residents of the Town of Ophir are outdoor enthusiasts! We live and breathe the outdoors! While you are recreating in our Town and surrounding valley, please adhere to the following rules. 


Town of Ophir Open Space

Town of Ophir Open Space

Per the Ophir Land Use Code

Article VII, Open Space Zone District

701. Intent and Purpose. The Open Space Zone is intended to preserve the natural values of undeveloped land for the benefit and enjoyment of the residents of the Town of Ophir. Uses are restricted to non-motorized, minimal impact recreation activities. 

702. Use Permitted By Right. Nature trails for walking, hiking and biking with natural surfaces and not more than twenty-four (24) inches in width. Should be stroller sized. 

703. Prohibited Uses. Developed recreational uses, including but not limited to playfields, campgrounds, courts, permanent buildings, or other similar uses are not allowed in the Open Space Zone District. 

704. Other Uses. All uses not permitted by right in 702. must be approved through the Special Use Permit Process.


Ophir Valley

Ophir Valley

The Ophir Valley is open to hiking, biking, snow-shoeing, skiing, and cross country skiing. 

OHV, OSV, and ATV use are not allowed on the Town of Ophir Open Space Property, or the Town of Ophir's roads.  If you are using an OHV, OSV, or ATV to utilize the Ophir Pass Road, please plan accordingly and follow our regulations. 

For backcountry skier parking,  please park your vehicle in the 24-hour parking spots across the road from the trash building.