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Ophir Self-Reliance Project

Ophir Self Reliance Project


The Ophir Self Reliance Project is working towards the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality for the Ophir community.


OSRP is collaborating with local organizations to increase public transportation, manage waste, increase local food access, reduce energy usage, encourage community and individual carbon offsets. 

Waste Reduction



The Ophir Self Reliance Project currently maintains 4 "Earth Cubes" located in the town's trash facility. Residents can sign the compost pledge that will give you information on how to compost correctly. 

Plastic Film Recycling

Through a partnership with EcoAction Partners, the Town of Ophir recycles plastic film. Volunteers are needed to help take bags of plastic to Montrose. If you are headed to Montrose, give the office a call or email for instructions on how to help recycle these bags!



Transportation Goals

The OSRP is working towards bringing public transportation to the Ophir Valley. 


Food Security


Community Greenhouse

Ophir currently has a community greenhouse. The OSRP is currently working towards a larger scale greenhouse through grant funding.