Town of Ophir Fire Restrictions

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Due to low water levels and dry, windy weather - not to mention the fires burning near and around San Miguel County - the Town of Ophir is implementing Fire Restrictions.

Please adhere to the following until further notice.


  • Building, maintaining, attending open flames, using a fire, campfire, charcoal fire, or (camp) stove fire.
  • Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials. All cigarette butts must be fully extinguished and disposed of in a receptacle designed for cigarette butts.
  • Chainsaw operation without an approved spark arresting device, a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher (8 oz. capacity by weight or larger and kept with the operator) and a round point shovel with an overall length of at least 35 inches readily available.
  • Welding or operating an acetylene or any other torch with an open flame but only if the area of the welding is barren and cleared of all flammable material at least ten (10’) feet on all sides from the welding equipment.
  • Use of explosives.
  • Fireworks

Exceptions include:

  • Fire exemption permit approved by the Mayor, or designee, following advisory consultation with the San Miguel County Sheriff and concurrence of the Telluride Fire Protection District Fire Marshal. 
  • Outdoor grills or stoves that have UL listed approved cookers, designed for either gas or propane fuels and that are fully equipped with a valve that allows the operator to immediately turn the flame on and off.

At least one working fire extinguisher rated 2A10BC or higher must be located at all construction sites is required.