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San Miguel County Not Chipping Christmas Trees This Year

San Miguel County will not be chipping Christmas trees this year.  Please, do not dispose of Christmas trees at the trash building. The facility is already reaching its capacity limits with garbage. Residents are encouraged to reach out to Waste Management to coordinate the pick-up of their Christmas trees.

Please Slow Down!

The Town has recently received many concerns regarding driving fast and reckless through the residential areas of Town. Many of your neighbors and friends feel genuinely afraid for their children, pets, themselves and property. This will be a discussion at our next General Assembly meeting to get General Assembly guidance on the best approach to get people to respect the concerns of your neighbors and friends. The fines for speeding and reckless driving (speeding is also reckless driving) is up to $300 each and may count points against your insurance. 

San Miguel County Public Health COVID Community Forum

This month's Public Health COVID Community Forum will be a Town Hall.

Panelists will include elected officials and their communications teams to address questions about COVID, Level Red and more as it pertains to your community directly. Additionally, the panel is interested in gauging each community's preference for how news and important information is released.


Panelists will include: